"Inspiring Innovations for a Maddening World"


Madeline Jaekle is an aspiring writer and advocate for mental health and those individuals living alongside mental illness.  Madeline's primary passions are serving others in and around her community, writing, and advocacy for underrepresented or under-served individuals.  A great lover of collaboration Madeline hopes to see Madhouse Innovations develop and evolve to one day be a source of support and funding for all people who wish to take on creative projects that will better the state of mental health care within communities around the country and beyond.  

Although still early on in her goals, Madeline has been involved in dialogues regarding mental health at both the state and federal level where she advocated for such things as bipartisan collaboration efforts to enhance existing systems of care, increases in the efficacy of currently available state-directed resources, and the promotion of any and all dialogue that may lead to the establishment of either private or state-led initiatives regarding mental health.

Madeline lives in Greensboro, North Carolina with her lovable canine companion but has especially strong ties to Western North Carolina where in 2012 she completed her undergraduate degree at the University of North Carolina at Asheville, making her the 4th generation of women in her family to have sequentially studied at the small liberal arts school, nestled in the beautiful Smoky Mountains of North Carolina.  A lover of prose Madeline writes frequently and is just now beginning to establish an online presence through digitizing nearly 15 years of journal writings and blogging both at this domain and other publishing websites, including Bipolar Hope Magazine Community.